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This applies to all services provided by Dreamy Lash Shop

  1. I understand I cannot get my lash extensions wet for a minimum of 12 hours post lash appointment, I should avoid heavy gym trips & saunas for 24 hours.

  2. I understand that lash extensions are not permanent and that follow-up appointments are suggested every 2-3 weeks.

  3. I understand that I am not to have any products containing oil on my face/eye area.

  4. I understand that there are no refunds on any services rendered.

  5. I understand that if I am under the age of 18, I need my legal guardian to sign my consent waiver.

  6. I understand that my technician is not responsible medically or financially for any services rendered & that if I have medical questions or concerns I should consult a doctor or medical professional.

  7. I understand that I should never consume caffeine, alcohol or drugs prior to my appointment.

  8. I understand that if I believe I am having an allergic reaction, I should contact my technician immediately and have a safe removal completed.

  9. I understand that Dreamy Lash Shop is not responsible for any theft, personal injury, or accidents on, or around the salon location, however there are cautions in place to minimize any potential of the above happening e.g no extra guests allowed, the client remaining still throughout the appointment.

  10. I understand that there is dangerous equipment at Dreamy Lash Shop such as sharp tweezers, close proximity lighting, and accessible power cords, because of this, I understand that I cannot bring any children to my appointment.

  11. I understand that I cannot bring any guest to my Dreamy Lash Shop appointment.

  12. I understand that there is no toilet or bathroom onsite at Dreamy Lash Shop.

  13. I understand there are risks of receiving eyelash extensions and understand that no refunds for any services rendered are given at Dreamy Lashes. Risks include eyeball burns, allergic reactions, reactions with unknown cause etc.

  14. I understand that if I booked the incorrect appointment, my artist has the right to cancel my appointment if there is not enough allocated time. (If the appointment has to be cancelled within the 24 hour mark of your appointment start, a booking fee of 50% of the original appointment will be charged for the reschedule.)

  15. I understand that it is my responsibility to book my own appointment & fill out any required information forms at the time of booking my appointment.

  16. I understand that if my lashes are too damaged or are at risk for further damage from lash extensions, my artist reserves the right to refuse service.

  17. I understand that lash retention is 50% my responsibility & that proper lash cleaning daily will prolong my lash extensions.

  18. I understand that the cancellation policy is 50% of the service cost that will be charged as a booking fee. This is for a late cancel (24 hours of the appointment) and 100% of the appointment cost for a no show.

  19. Always check your email for your booking confirmation, if you have not received confirmation it is likely that you did not proceed to the end to confirm your booking.

  20. Any significant loss of lash extensions will only be remedied within the first two days post your original appointment. It is the (client) responsibility to make contact with Dreamy Lash Shop within the first 24 hours post appointment if this occurs.

  21. Lash extensions will not be refunded under any circumstances or change of mind. It is the clients responsibility to select the desired lash set. 

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